Kraft Coffee started when a group of friends embarked on a journey to find high quality, artisan coffee that improved both physical and mental health. 

We wanted to not only combine delicious coffee with nootropics and vitamins that benefit the brain, but create a dynamic community of coffee lovers who inspire and motivate each other.


Since Kraft Coffee’s beginnings, we’ve strived to work closely with our sourcers to make sure that those who provide us with our quality beans are looked after, and that we get the best quality coffee.

Our close working relationship with the farmers who provide our coffee has led us to understand the complexities of growing high quality beans. Be it the ecosystems they come from, the culture of the farmers and the way the coffee is farmed, each step of the growing and harvesting is equally important to the outcome of the coffee.

The Dominican Republic

Our coffee is sourced from the Jarabacoa region of the Dominican Republic, with its tropical rainforest and mountains. 

Kraft Coffee’s uniquely flavoured beans come from a coffee plantation run by the same family for over 40 years. The cool climate, shade and 5000ft altitudes of this Jarabacoa estate is well known for producing incredibly high quality coffee; robust yet smooth, nutty and complex.

Though originally sourced in Jarabacoa, we continue to explore well known and as yet undiscovered coffee regions to find new processes and beans to enhance Kraft Coffee’s scope and flavour profiles. 

As we expand our horizons, we hope you come on the journey with us, and discover new nootropic coffee, together.