Overwhelmed by performance supplement jargon? We're here to help you decipher all things nootropic, from what they are and what they do, to how you can make them work for your health and wellbeing using our delicious coffee blends.

What Does ‘Nootropic’ Mean?

The word ‘nootropic’ comes from the greek words ‘nous’ and ‘tropein’, meaning ‘mind’ and ‘towards’ respectively. Nootropic, therefore, translates as ‘towards knowledge’.

 No-a-troh-pik 🕪

Chemist Corneliu Guirgea first used the term ‘nootropic’ in 1972, describing both natural and synthetic compounds that can improve the mind. 

What Are Nootropics?

Guirgea developed a set of criteria that substances had to meet before they could be classified as nootropics. These were:-

  1. The substance must improve neural mechanisms
  2. The substance must protect the brain from chemical damage
  3. The substance must aid brain function
  4. The substance must enhance memory, focus and learning

In short, nootropics are compounds or supplements that aid the cognitive processes and physical abilities of those taking the substance. This can be through boosting energy, increasing focus, and improving learning and memory.

It is important to note here that nootropics are not medicines, despite being used in some drugs to treat dementia and ADHD. Much like vitamins, nootropics should be taken by healthy individuals to improve overall health and wellbeing. 

What Are Nootropics Used For?

Nootropics can be taken as a supplement for a number of reasons. These include to increase productivity and its effects, to support brain health and physical performance, and to help mental wellbeing. Some even use nootropics when socialising, as a way to boost confidence and focus. Taken as a supplement, it is most commonly used for physical and mental fitness. 

When exercising, many athletes enjoy a boost of energy during the final lap of the track, or enhanced focus at the final set. This is where nootropics come in. There are numerous nootropics out there, but most maintain calm, increase focus and accuracy, reduce fatigue and boost performance. 

Nootropics can also reduce stress and anxiety, which usually reduce productivity, and benefit sleep cycles. Everything you need to perform at your best!

Nootropics & Coffee

Did you know that caffeine is a type of naturally occurring nootropic? It is the most widely consumed psychoactive substance worldwide, and makes you feel more awake by blocking your brain’s adenosine receptors.

This is where Kraft Coffee comes in.

A popular way to consume nootropics, and reap the most rewards, is through a process known as ‘stacking’. Stacking essentially means taking two or more nootropics at once for a combination of benefits. Here at Kraft, we use five nootropics for the perfect blend. The first is caffeine, and the others are L-Theanine, Taurine, Alpha-GPC and DMAE.

Caffeine, while a beneficial stimulant, can cause anxiety and the jitters; nasty side effects that nobody wants. L-Theanine, by contrast, is a naturally occuring amino acid that increases feelings of calm, and is found to be more effective when taken with caffeine

Taurine benefits your overall physical health, by increasing metabolism and aiding brain function. Not only that, it helps banish post-coffee crashes by reducing fatigue.

Standing for alpha-glycerophosphocholine, Alpha-GPC aids learning, memory and athletic power. Best used for its impact on the brain, outcomes include faster healing and better overall brain health. 

Dimethylaminoethanol, or DMAE, is good for both physical and mental performance. It improves short term memory, elevates mood and helps overall athletic performance. 

You can find our range of nootropic-infused, artisan coffee here. Find which blend is best for you, and enjoy improved wellbeing today. 

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