Kraft Coffee is the perfect blend of delicious beans and vitamins to boost performance, brain function and much, much more. But please don’t think that our blends are just for fuel, oh no. They are made to be enjoyed too! From oaky, dark chocolate flavours to apricot and walnut, you can enjoy Kraft anywhere.

Before Hitting The Gym

The Alpha GPC and DMAE in our blends enhance physical performance, athletic power and brain health. Naturally, they make the ideal companion before a trip to the gym.

Whether you exercise first thing in the morning, or after work, why not take a moment with your pre-workout coffee? Prepare the kettle or coffee maker, and ready the kit for your workout. Take a few moments to inhale the scent of the coffee as hot steam rises from your cup. Set intentions for your workout based on how you feel. Do you want to feel fitter, happier, more awake? Focus on these feelings while drinking your cup of vitamin-infused coffee. 


Interviews, important meetings and deadlines can be stress-inducing affairs. Calm your work jitters with Kraft. L-Theanine helps to reduce caffeine’s jittery side effects and reduces feelings of stress.

While waiting for your coffee to reach perfect temperature, practice your power pose. Stand with your feet in line with your shoulders and place your hands on your hips. Take a deep breath. With each sip of coffee, feel its warmth spreading to the tips of your toes and top of your head. Centre yourself in your body, and go get ‘em!

At The Top of That Hill

And yes, we mean this literally and metaphorically. Make the most of your days off by getting into the great outdoors, stretching your muscles and expanding your mind. Nature is naturally calming and good for our overall health, but a day in the wild can be exhausting. Give yourself a boost with a flask of our coffee. Many of our coffee beans come from high altitudes deep within the mountain ranges of the Dominican Republic. Think about the origins of your drink as you take a sip. 

Reached your goals? Need a helping hand to get there? Our coffee can be there every step of the way, if you let it. The vitamins in our coffee, like Taurine and and DMAE, can elevate your mood and reduce feelings of fatigue. 

The world is your oyster, so what are you going to do?