About Us

Organic and artisan, Kraft infuses delicious coffee with brain vitamins for a blend that boosts cognitive and physical performance, without compromising on flavour.

Kraft Coffee was formed by a group of friends wanting to combine their passion for health and coffee. With 15 years experience in elite sport as scientists and medical practitioners, we aimed to develop a drink that aided brain function, boosted energy levels, and had all the benefits of coffee.

"Brain power level 100!!"

Drew Manning
Author of Fit2Fat2Fit and Complete Keto

The Coffees

Light, dark and medium roasted coffee beans sourced from around the globe provide dynamic flavour profiles, with vitamins and minerals that enhance athletic performance and improve cognitive abilities.

Prolonging that caffeine high, our 3 unique blends banish the side effects usually associated with drinking coffee. Based on clinical research and peer reviewed studies, our coffees are infused with nootropics L-Theanine, Taurine, Alpha GPC and DMAE; jitters, anxiety and caffeine crashes are replaced with long-term cognitive and physical benefits.

"Monday mornings and [Kraft] Coffee - a perfect match!"

David Kirsch - Celebrity Trainer
Clients include Jennifer Lopez and Caroline Wozniacki

"Try my friends at [Kraft] Coffee"

Don Saladino - Celebrity Trainer
Clients include Ryan Gosling, Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan
About us.

Our Formulas

Nootropics are vitamins that aid the brain and improve cognition, focus, mental health and athletic power. Research papers and clinical studies show that nootropics have many long-term benefits, and we’ve selected those that best improve mental and physical performance to enhance our coffees.

  • Taurine delays brain function decline, reduces fatigue, boosts metabolic rates and even helps to prevent heart disease.
  • To reduce anxiety, aid relaxation, help prevent weight gain and speed up recovery we use L-Theanine. When combined with caffeine, L-Theanine reduces stress and enhances focus.
  • Alpha GPC boosts athletic power and improves brain health by encouraging new neuronal connection.
  • Short term memory and concentration is helped by DMAE (dimethylethanolamine), which boosts the production of brain chemicals.

Don’t just take our word for it!

The ideal pre-workout drink, our coffees have been endorsed by world leading athletes including Olympic Judo Silver Medalist Travis Stevens, American wrestler and mixed martial artist Bobby Lashley and American Footballers Cooper Helfer and Nick Vannett, and celebrity trainers Don Saladino, Hino Ehikhamenor, David Kirsch and Melissa Alcantara.

"Love you guys!!"

Melissa Alcantara - Celebrity Trainer
Clients include Kim Kardashian